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The DEFIANCE 76 brand

Artwork, apparel, merchandise, commentary, and education geared for those with the "American Spirit."

Defiance 76 is a spirit born of our Fore Father's resolve, sacrifice, faith, and courage to establish an orderly society that champions the dignity of the Person; who, created in the image of God, is given certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of property with the ability and right to defend these rights by an means necessary.  And, any attempt to strip or suppress these rights will meet "a sure defiance!" 

"I believe that, as sure as there is a God in Heaven, our safety, our political happiness and existence, depend on the union of the States; and, that without this union, the people of this and the other States will undergo the unspeakable calamities which discord, faction, turbulence, war, and bloodshed, have produced in other countries.  The American spirit ought to be mixed with American pride- pride to see the Union magnificently triumph.  Let that glorious pride, which once defied the British thunder, reanimate you again.  Let it not be recorded of Americans, that, after having performed the most gallant exploits, after having overcome the most astonishing difficulties, and after having gained the admiration of the world by their incomparable valor and policy, they lost their acquired reputation, their natural consequence and happiness, by their own indiscretion."

Governor Edmund Randolph of Virginia

June 6, 1788

Excerpt from Mr. Randolph's speech in the Convention of Virginia, on the sixth of June, 1788 - the first and second sections of the first article of the Constitution being under consideration.