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The ORIGINAL Rebellious Stripes T-Shirt

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Wear some history!

Damn your taxes!!!

Here our classic "1765 Stamp Act Skull" is harmoniously smiling against the back drop of the Sons of Liberty's famed "Rebellious Stripes" flag of 9 stripes.  

In a nutshell, in 1765 the British Parliament hit the colonists with the Stamp Act without approval of the colonial legislatures to raise funds for their coffers to defray costs of the French and Indian War in North America requiring them to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used such as ships paper, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, playing cards, and other publications... the colonists gave them the middle finger in the form of and by inking skulls on the paper goods in defiance of the required King's Seal embossed on the goods.  The SONS of LIBERTY formed and met under the LIBERTY TREE at Boston Commons and the seed of Independence was taking root!  Their flag was 9 vertical stripes and aptly named... "The Rebellious Stripes!"

This shirt has history and true defiant meaning!

T-shirt specs:

Classic short sleeve performance "moisture wicking" crew neck t-shirt that looks and feels like cotton.  Features a ribbed taped neck collar.  Unisex.

  • Dye Sublimated printing for a soft to touch feel of the "print to garment."  Full back print, right sleeve print of our Lady Liberty sitting on her throne of freedom in an early 1900s ink style, front left chest of the "original" defiance patriot.
  • Short sleeve CLASSIC GOLD tone colored tee.  
  • Moisture Wicking Performance Wear Tee with built in anti-microbial and anti-stain features.  One of the fastest drying times on the market.
  • Fabric - 100% Spun Polyester.

Recommended Cleaning Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold, no softeners.
  • Do not bleach, wash separately.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • Do not Iron art prints.
  • Do not dry clean.

BASIC Short Sleeve Sizing Chart and Fit Suggestions

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